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October 28, 2018
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October 28, 2018


Robotics Engineering Student Conferences:

Demo-RESC League


The development of Robotics and Mechatronics all around the world, had been a prominent goal of Robocop annual competes but, it seems that its focus on a certain field can be an obstacle in the way of its development in all countries in different parts of the world and Asia. Accordingly, it is suggested that by setting up a Demo-RESC League based on many years of holding experience in Iran, one can play an important role in the way of Robotics’ development in every countries regardless of their facilities and financial potencies.


In attention to the step by step attitude on this plan, approaching the whole goals of the plan would be possible if each step is considered.

  • Development of investigation and research in subdivisions of Robotics such as Mechanics, Electronics and Computer
  • General research motivation increase for all students
  • Increase of expert attitude toward student research by considering them as audiences who are in certain sensitive age.
  • Fundamental improvement of qualified teams for participation in annual student-level Robocop competition
  • Making investment on Asian students’ talent to elevate the Asia academic level in the world



In this plan, competitions can be held as an annual Robotic and Mechatronic conference in two different ways, poster and oral presentation. All teams can send their project in format of article to the demonstration league secretariat to be evaluated. The oral presentation in an exhibition stand can be limited to the annual Asian and World Cup competitions. The recommender experience in this field can be helpful in this purpose.


Conference certification and as a specific present, providing an international situation for the participants to be in contact with each other.


Link Resources (Rules)

  • Download League Rules Here (TBA)



List of Pre-registered teams

LeagueTeam NameAffilationSupervisorstatusCountry
RCJ RESCRaymandraymand robotsyed mohammad hoseiniQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCA&AMahdavi smart schoolAmir ali RezaeiQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCTest RegDemo LeagueTechnical CommitteedisQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCNedayeZahraNedayeZahea highschoolHannaneh ArabshahiQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCRinotex_Hamed BahadoriQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCRinotex_Leila KeshavarziQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCHDNTsama 2 high schoolreza akbari khezriQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCalborzraymand robotmohammad hoseiniQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCFMC-SPGFarzanegan2Dorna MoghimiQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCsahandraymand robotmohammad hoseiniQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCSama 5Sama 5 High schoolHamid JafariQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCSSVSama 5 High schoolHamid JafariQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCS.M.DSeyed al shohada Highschool (1)Mahdi SeifkarimiQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCS.M.D 2Seyed al shohada Highschool (2)Amirali MousaviQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCtralightSama 5 High schoolHamid JafariQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCHobbytechSalam Sadeghieh Junior SchoolHamid JafariQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCSmartecSalam Sadeghieh Junior SchoolHamid JafariQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCMobtakeranjavan instituteAdministratorAbedin ValipourQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCAmirkabir keleshterAdministratorAbedin ValipourQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCshahid soltani 3soltani 3 high schololmohammad hoseiniQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCArezoo Faghihi Research GroupArezoo Faghihi Research GroupArezoo FaghihiQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCArezoo Faghihi Research GroupArezoo Faghihi Research GroupArezoo FaghihiQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCRMC-iShopRabbani Educational ComplexFereshteh LotfiQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCRMC-AQRoomRabbani Educational ComplexFereshteh LotfiQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCRMC-ihomeRabbani Educational ComplexFereshteh LotfiQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCAsPIslamic Azad University Ilkchi branchLeila KeshavarziQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCTeslaRed Crescent Youth OrganizationSoheil BagherzadehQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCKheradManzoumeh Kherad InstituteAida Parvizian maraniQualifiedIran
RCJ RESCKerman-UPNOPUPNOP AcademyHossein RezaeiQualifiedIran

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