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July 30, 2018
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July 30, 2018

Small Size Robot

small size league

A Small Size robot soccer game takes place between two teams,each with  eight (six in division B) robots . By 2019 or 2020, 11 vs. 11 robots will play against each other. Each robot must conform to the dimensions as specified in the F180 rules: the robot must fit within an 180 mm diameter circle and must be no higher than 15 cm. The robots play soccer with an orange golf ball on a green carpeted field that is about 12 m long by 9 m wide.

All objects on the field are tracked by a standardized vision system that processes the data provided by multiple cameras, attached to a camera bar located about 4 m above the playing surface. The vision system is an open source project maintained by the league’s community.

Off-field computers are used to communicate referee commands and position information to the robots. Typically, these computers also perform most, if not all, of the processing required for coordination and control of the robots. Communication is wireless and typically uses dedicated commercial FM transmitter/receiver units.

Building a successful team requires clever design, implementation and integration of many hardware and software sub-components into a robustly functioning whole, making Small Size robot soccer a very interesting and challenging domain for research and education.


The general rules for  this year’s tournament  are 2018 rules. The Small Size League will be divided into two divisions with separate tournaments: Division A and division B. Division A is aimed at advanced teams whereas new and/or less competitive teams can play in division B. Each team will only play in one of those two divisions.

qualification process:

1- A Team Description Paper which:

  • should contain a brief description of the team, with citations to previous TDPs and the team’s website where appropriate.
  • should focus on innovations that the team has produced with respect to their previous TDPs. These innovations should be described in detail, to facilitate reproducibility for other teams, where possible.
  • should have a clear structure, which  should be written in clear English.
  • should be formatted according to the Springer LNAI format, as the symposium submissions (

2- A qualification video that must be at least 1 minute of unedited continuous footage. The qualification video can be  of the following types, although preference will be given to item 1 (then 2 and last 3):


  1. A video of your robots participating in a RoboCup standard game (i.e. a game at RoboCup or one of the local regional competitions). The video should show obstacle avoidance, shooting and passing skill. The game should be based on contemporary rules (2011 and afterwards).
  2. A video of your robots (there must be at least two moving robots) engaging in two or more of the following activities:
  • One or more robots competing against an active robot goalkeeper.
  • Two or more robot field players actively going to the ball and playing against one another.
  • At least two robots playing cooperatively against 5 static or moving obstacles.
  1. A video showing one or more robots partially demonstrating capabilities listed in item 2.

The team video is used by the OC to determine the readiness of a team to compete effectively and is part of the criteria in ranking teams in the qualification process. Teams are advised to submit a video that best demonstrates the readiness of the team to compete in an international competition.


Aras Adhami-Mirhosseini

League Chair

University of Tehran

List of Pre-registered teams

LeagueTeam NameAffilationSupervisorstatusCountry
Small sizeOMIDShahed universityAli MollajafariQualifiedIran
Small sizeParsianAmirkabir University of TechnologyMohammad Mahdi RahimiQualifiedIran
Small sizeImmortalsUniversity of Tehran , Faculty of Engineering , School of Mechanical EngineeringMohammadAli GhasemiehQualifiedIran
Small sizeMRLQazvin islamic azad university (QIAU)meisam kaassaeianQualifiedIran

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