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July 30, 2018
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July 30, 2018

Rescue Virtual Robot

Virtual Rescue Robot Competition:

Virtual Robots is a competition that is part of the Robocup Rescue Simulation league. The goal of the competition is to foster research in cooperative multi-robot systems engaged in Urban Search And Rescue missions. This simulation environment provides computational infrastructure. In a competition run, a team of simulated robots has to explore, map and clear a block-sized disaster area, featuring both carefully modeled indoor and outdoor environments. Robots and sensors used in the competition closely mirror platform and devices currently used in physical robots.

Currently addressed research topics include but are not limited to human-robot interfaces, sliding autonomy, sensor fusion, map building, and distributed planning and learning.


Qualification Materials:

Please prepare a Team Description Paper describing the most innovative contributions or scientific results your team is intended to provide and a demo video showing the current state of your contribution. The TDP is limited to 8 pages and must be formatted according to the LNCS format .

The Team Description Paper is an overview of the methodologies you use or intend to use to control your robots inside the Virtual Robot Competition. If applicable, include a reference to your latest publications.


Previous Virtual rescue robot competitions materials:




Here is the list of useful links::

  1. Robotic Operating System(ROS)
  2. Gazebo Simulator
  3. Virtual Robot setup and results RoboCup 2017 
  4. Virtual Robot Competitions 2018 rules
  5. Available team description paper
  6. Robocup 2018 Repository(you can set up the environment and control your robots using keyboard/joystick using this repository)
  7. Available Open source code
  8. Robocup 2017 RepositoryRobocup 2016 Repository(old models and launch files could be found here)
  9. More documentation could be found in rescuesim website

Link Resources (Rules)

Executive and Technical Committe Members:

Hamid Pourjam

Fatemeh Pahlevan Aghababa

Mahdi TaherAhmadi

Amirreza Kabiri

 Executive Committe

 Technical Committe

Technical Committe

         Technical Committe


Seyed Mostafa Ahmadi

Technical Committe

List of Pre-registered teams

LeagueTeam NameAffilationSupervisorstatusCountry
Rescue Simulation Virtual RobotEchoicSalam-Resalat High Schoolmohammad javadiPendingIran
Rescue Simulation Virtual RobotFarzanegan4Farzanegan 4 high schoolElham DaneshmanddisQualifiedIran
Rescue Simulation Virtual RobotFireboltsSalam Farmanieh High SchoolNicky SadighidisQualifiedIran
Rescue Simulation Virtual RobotFireboltsSalam Farmanieh High SchoolNicky SadighiQualifiedIran
Rescue Simulation Virtual RobotAura_VRUniversity of TabrizFarnaz MahanQualifiedIran
Rescue Simulation Virtual RobotMRL-VRQazvin Islamic Azad UniversityMohammad Hossein ShayestehQualifiedIran
Rescue Simulation Virtual RobotSOSAmirkabir University of TechnologySeyed Mostafa AhmadidisQualifiedIran
Rescue Simulation Virtual RobotBarcodeTechnorobiran Robotic Collegemohsen nosratiPendingIran
Rescue Simulation Virtual RobotSOS CSAmirkabir University of TechnologyHannah FaghihiQualifiedIran
Rescue Simulation Virtual RobotSOSAmirkabir university of technologySepideh NiktabQualifiedIran
Rescue Simulation Virtual RobotInvincibleFarzanegan 4 middle schoolElham DaneshmandQualifiedIran
Rescue Simulation Virtual RobotCambridge RoboticsUniversity of CambridgeMichael CheahPendingUnited Kingdom

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