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RCJ CoSpace Secondary
August 6, 2018
RCJ Soccer Lightweight Primary
August 6, 2018

RCJ Rescue Maze

The robot needs to search for victims through a maze . The robot should not find the fastest path through the maze, instead it should explore as much of the maze as possible . The robot will get points for each victim found and will deliver a rescue kit close to the victim. The robot must avoid areas with a black floor.

Rescue Maze sub-league is open to students from age 12 up to and including 19 years of age (age as of 1st of July).Team members may compete in Rescue Line twice (2 international events). After competing in Rescue Line twice, they must move to Rescue Maze.



Due to the high number of requests, submission date for the required documents for qualification process is extended to Friday 14th September 2018.

A receipt of confirmation will be sent once team emails are received by the technical committee.

Please do not hesitate to ask your technical questions by sending them to  RCJRescue@robocupap2018.org.


Third Announcement :

As we’ve already announced , it’s highly recommended that  teams  use TDP template for writing their TDPs. This template is now available below . You can find your league’s TDP template in resources section  of this page.

Moreover, lots of teams have asked us about registration problems. You can send any question regarding  registration to  info@robocupap2018.org.

Please do not hesitate to send  your technical questions to : RCJsoccer@robocupap2018.org.

Second Announcement:

The deadline for sending the technical documents has been extended until 7th September 2018.


The technical documents which  should be in English are as follows:

TDP: We will upload a template for the design and content and it is highly recommended for all the teams to use that format. Please submit your TDP file via the links below:

Maze sub-league:


Line sub-league:



Video: The purpose of the video is to present the essential tasks of the program of your robot. For instance, reactions to victims, special zones such as black tile, searching, maze solving algorithms and so on. Please upload your video files on a well-known file sharing server like one drive, google drive and Dropbox. Iranian teams also could use picofile.ir like before. Please send  the link of your uploaded video to the technical committee email at  (RCJRescue@robocupap2018.org).


Please make sure that your files follow the official format:

Your league – Your team name – Your affiliation

For example:

Junior Rescue Maze – Robostars – Choate Rosemary Hall school


Also, the technical committee might ask all the teams to have  an interview via Skype before the competitions as a part of the qualification process.

Please be informed that the technical committee will share all of the above documents despite interview after the RCAP competitions.

Do not hesitate to contact us on RCJRescue@robocupap2018.org if you have any further questions.


First of all, we are so excited to announce that preparations are well under way  for the 2nd Asia-Pacific RCJ competition,which will take place   in the historical ancient country of Iran.

Regarding the competitions’ deadlines, each team should  the required  documents for team qualification process until August 31st. You can find more details about these documents in the next announcement.
Please note that you don’t need a visa letter to travel to Kish if you are not from countries mentioned on this page.
Feel free to send us any questions by rcjrescue@robocupap2018.org
You can also follow us on twitter with @rcap2018junior for any update or news


Link Resources





junior rescue technical committee


List of Pre-registered teams

LeagueTeam NameAffilationSupervisorstatusCountry
RCJ Rescue MazeghadirFreeALIREZA MOHAMMADIPendingIran
RCJ Rescue MazeForschungFreePooria NooriPendingIran
RCJ Rescue MazeAllameh TabatabaeiAllameh Tabatabaei Junior High SchoolMohamad MalekiPendingIran
RCJ Rescue MazeAllameh TabatabaeiAllameh Tabatabaei Junior High School - Abshenasan UnitMohamad MalekiQualifiedIran
RCJ Rescue MazeA.T.R.TAndisheh Mehr CulturalMohamad RafieiQualifiedIran
RCJ Rescue MazeDaneshDanesh High SchoolAmirAli AhmadianQualifiedIran
RCJ Rescue MazeF6Farzanegan 6 high schoolNargess SeifiQualifiedIran
RCJ Rescue MazeF6Farzanegan 6 high schoolNargess SeifiPendingIran
RCJ Rescue Mazeminotaurfazili research centeralireza amiriyanPendingIran
RCJ Rescue Mazeminotaurfazili research centerHamid NematbakhshQualifiedIran
RCJ Rescue MazeSalamUSFSalam YusefAbadAhmadreza ZibaeiQualifiedIran
RCJ Rescue MazeBlack RescueIslamic Azad University of YazdSeyed AliMohammad MansouriPendingIran
RCJ Rescue Mazeiran kitro rescuefreeshiva DarvishPendingIran
RCJ Rescue Mazeiran kitro rescuefreeshiva DarvishQualifiedIran
RCJ Rescue MazeMosittoTehran book garden robotics clubAli TavakoliPendingIran
RCJ Rescue MazeIRCIran robotics clubAmir ali Khaneh anghaPendingIran
RCJ Rescue MazeF6Farzanegan 6 high schoolNargess SeifiPendingIran
RCJ Rescue MazeRetterFreePooria NooriQualifiedIran
RCJ Rescue Mazebesatbesatdaneyal kazemiWaitingIran
RCJ Rescue MazeBesatBesatdanial kazemiWaitingIran
RCJ Rescue MazeRoboMazeFreeAli KamaliWaitingIran
RCJ Rescue MazeRaymandRaymand Educational InstituteMehrab MoradzadehWaitingIran
RCJ Rescue MazeBRLBRLamin majidiPendingIran
RCJ Rescue Mazebrlbrlamir mohammad hoseiniPendingIran
RCJ Rescue MazeBRLBRLdanial kazemidisQualifiedIran
RCJ Rescue MazeHelli1Haj Torabi High SchoolMajid AsadiQualifiedIran
RCJ Rescue MazeKAVOSHDanesh high school(KAVOSH Robotic team)AmirHossein DaraieQualifiedIran
RCJ Rescue MazeIspTabriz azad universityHabib GholamzadehPendingIran
RCJ Rescue Mazemainrobo mazeawg roboticrodik wahyu indrawanPendingIndonesia
RCJ Rescue MazeElm-o-HonarElm-o-Honar FardaSina MahmoudidisQualifiedIran
RCJ Rescue MazeHosh abzar azarbayjanHosh abzar azarbayjanSeyedeh sevila SojudiQualifiedIran

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