ROV League

RCJ OnStage Primary
August 6, 2018
RCAP CoSpace Logistics Challenge Primary
August 21, 2018

ROV League


Kish Island is a beautiful coral resort island in the Persian Gulf off the southern coast of Iran. The Persian Gulf and its coastal areas are the world’s largest source of crude oil and natural gas. Large amounts of oil and gas are exported to northwestern Europe, East Asia, and other areas of the world with huge tankers or via pipelines. Petrochemical and other petroleum-based industries, as well as consumer industries, have been developing rapidly in the gulf region. This development is threatening the environment of the Persian Gulf ecosystems. Therefore,  monitoring  marine environment and protecting it against degradation is very important.

Remotely operated underwater vehicles or ROVs are underwater robots that interact with the environment under the water in various ways. ROVs are used for  monitoring marine environment in order to protect them against degradation. They can be applied for inspection of various water vehicles such as tankers, ships and boats as well as  for inspection of oil and gas pipelines. Moreover, several navies use ROVs for decades, primarily for minehunting and minebreaking. Therefore, developing of this branch of robotic science is a hotspot for many scientists, engineers and related industries.

The ROV competition committee  proudly invites the ROV teams  to participate in this competition.


We are happy to inform you that based on Asia-Pacific robocup committee decision, the ROV league has been added to ROBOCUP ASIA PACIFIC 2018 leagues as a Trial League. Therefore, the ROV competition committee proudly invites the ROV teams  to participate in this competition.



Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Kheirikhah

Local League Chair

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Qazvin Islamic Azad University


List of Pre-registered teams

LeagueTeam NameAffilationSupervisorstatusCountry
RCAP ROVMRLIslamic Azad University of QazvinHatam Ghasemzadeh MahvizaniPendingIran
RCAP ROVRovoticROVOTICSHatam MahvizanidisQualifiedIran
RCAP ROVهوانورددانشگاه آزاد نجف آباد _ مؤسسه خلاقان الفبای پروازامین سروریPendingIran
RCAP ROVangry ROVFREEfarshad davodiPendingIran
RCAP ROVArtemisIslamic Azad University of najafabadpooria abedzadehPendingIran
RCAP ROVRobustIslamic Azad University, North Tehran BranchAlireza Ahmadi BozorgPendingIran
RCAP ROVIRSEIslamic Azad University of Tehran SouthAshkan Safavi SohiPendingIran
RCAP ROVIran RovSupervisorMostafa AkhzariPendingIran
RCAP ROVkaruncupjsj-comasoud sheyvandiPendingIran
RCAP ROVGreen TigerMSc StudentAmirhossein PayandehPendingIran
RCAP ROVGreen TigerFreeAmirhossein PayandehdisQualifiedIran
RCAP ROVGreen TigerFreeRasoul Moezi NajafabadidisQualifiedIran

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