Humanoid Teen Size

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August 22, 2018
Humanoid Kid Size
August 22, 2018

Humanoid Teen Size

Humanoid League

In the Humanoid League, autonomous robots with a human-like body plan and human-like senses play soccer against each other. In addition to soccer , technical challenges will take place. The robots are divided into three size classes: KidSize (40-90cm height), TeenSize (80-140cm height), and AdultSize (130-180cm height). Dynamic walking, running, and kicking the ball while maintaining balance, visual perception of the ball, other players, and the field, self-localization, and team play are among  many research issues investigated in the Humanoid League.

For qualification it is needed to have the following materials:

1- Team Description Paper in English (according to LNCS format) at no more than  8 pages. The paper should include:

-team members and affiliation

– the team’s previous experience
-Technical specifications  of the robots
-hardware and software and mechanical properties including:
-Localization techniques,
-Object recognition techniques,
-Decision Making,
-Cooperation techniques

-Any improvements,if any,  of robots compared to the previous competitions

-if parts of the design have been taken from other teams, it should be mentioned and the changes made to it  should be explained.

-To make things easier, proceed as follows: if you your team name is, for example, shahin, and you participate  in the humanoid teen size competitions of 2018, please name your tdp as shahinTeen-rcap2018TDP.

-Please send your TDP to

2- A web site

3- A 5-minute video  in mp4 format displaying the abilities of the robots such as:

-kicking and shooting the ball toward the goal,
-standing after falling (kid and teen sizes)
-cooperation between at least two robots

The videos can be uploaded in Aparat ( or any other appropriate  site.

4: A pdf file, describing robot names, and the dimensions of the robot according to the rules. Use this template to write these information.

Pplease send all materials(expect the video) to

All robots are checked before the competitions and if they fail to qualify they can not participate.

Robots such as Nao are not allowed to participate in this league. Depending on the situation, TC may consider some advantages for the teams which have made  more efforts to prepare their own robots. All such conditions are decided by  TC.

Every team in every class of the humanoid league should have a separate registration. If an institute has more than one team, they should be able to compete in more than one class simultaneously.

At least one person from every team should be completely aware of the playing rules, and should act as a referee during the competitions. Every team should bring its own whistle.

A short workshop may run alongside the league, so each team should be ready to explain about the design of its robots.

If the number of teams in each category is less than or equal to 4, one rank is given. If the number of teams is less than or equal to 7, two ranks are given, and if there are  more than 7 teams, three ranks are given.

Link Resources (Rules)

  • Download League Rules Here


List of Pre-registered teams

LeagueTeam NameAffilationSupervisorstatusCountry
Humanoid Teen SizeParandIslamic Azad university, Parand branchRahman Barooj kiakalaeiPendingIran
Humanoid Teen SizeMRLQazvin Islamic Azad UniversityMeisam TeimouriQualifiedIran
Humanoid Teen SizeBehRobotIsfahan Azad UniversityAli AhmadiQualifiedIran
Humanoid Teen SizeUnbounded DesignersIsfahan Islamic Azad University - Shahed RoboMohammad Reza Reiahi DehkordiQualifiedIran
Humanoid Teen SizeAIUTMANIsfahan University of TechnologyMaziar PalhangPendingIran

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