Standard Platform

Middle Size Robot
July 30, 2018
Rescue Robot
July 30, 2018

Standard Platform

Standard platform league:

RoboCup currently includes a number of different robot soccer leagues that focus on different research challenges. The RoboCup Standard Platform League is a RoboCup robot soccer league, in which all teams compete with identical robots. The robots operate fully autonomously, i.e. there is no external control, neither by humans nor by computers. The current standard platform used is the humanoid NAO by Aldebaran Robotics.


The rules will be the same as RoboCup 2018 SPL rules.

The major changes compared to the RoboCup 2017 which will be applied in RoboCup

Asia-Pacific 2018 are:

  1. Removed coach robot
  2. SPL standard message packets per second reduced to three from five.
  3. Free kick rule has been added.

Link Resources (Rules)

  • Download League Rules Here


mohammad ali sharpasand

Local League Chair

List of Pre-registered teams

LeagueTeam NameAffilationSupervisorstatusCountry
Standard platformrUNSWiftUniversity of New South WalesKenji BrameldPendingAustralia
Standard platformMRLQazvin Islamic Azad UniversityMohammad Ali SharpasandPendingIran

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